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custom embroidery

Show off your business, and more with custom embroidered apparel that is above the rest.


Made for showing off your brand in a new way.

‍Looking to add a texture and style to your custom apparel game? CJ's offers custom embroidery services for custom shirts, custom hats, custom tote bags,  and MUCH more in three unique styles.

Standard embroidery

...uses basic thread/yarn and the final result lays nearly flat on your chosen garment. It’s the most commonly used option and is probably what comes to mind first when you think of embroidery.

Puff embroidery where things start to get interesting. Puff uses a thick, foam-like material that is then stitched over, resulting in designs that pop off the garment and create a 3D effect.

Metallic embroidery unique in that the thread actually consists of a rubber core wrapped in metallic thread. Best used as an accent element in your design rather than the main feature.

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